“You did a great job to get the parties together and settle this tough, catastrophic case. I could tell when you contacted us weeks before the mediation to get materials on the case that you were an extraordinary mediator for this extraordinary case. Excellent work. This case absolutely would not have settled without you. Thank you so much.”
“Marty is dedicated, prepared and a real mediator. It's not about him and his ego - it's about being the resolver and helping the process, Marty is calm - takes down the conflict and is not easily shocked or surprised by anybody's arguments and lawyers (or doesn't show it!)”
- Miami Attorneys (9 Million dollar settlement of cruise line crew member attack on passenger)

“It was a pleasure to have you mediate the case between my client and (large box store retailer), I want to thank you for being so fair and impartial.” - Southfield attorney (settlement of accident in large box store)

“We found Mr. Reisig to be an island of moderation and reason. He handled our matter sensitively and professionally ... all parties left on an amicable basis ... the matter was resolved ... with a sense of justice having been served.”
- Cadillac attorney (automobile negligence with agency issues and serious injuries)

“I believe that both parties were exceptionally pleased with his professionalism and non-confrontational manner in which he aided both parties in resolving the dispute.”
- Mt. Clemens attorney (serious automobile negligence case)

“Your mediation services enabled us within 2 ½ hours to mediate the dispute and get to a dollar figure that all three parties could live with. It is my belief and feeling that, absent your mediation services, the matter would have gone to trial and given the amount at stake, that would not have been appropriate.”
- Detroit Attorney (legal malpractice case)

“My clients were pleased with the mediation process and the professional manner in which you addressed their claims. Your efforts as mediator successfully resolved the case.”
- St. Joseph attorney (automobile negligence case)

“I am proud to acknowledge that both times cases got settled with your involvement. One case involved a government immunity defense and civil rights violations and one case involved a threshold issue in a motor vehicle accident.”
- Farmington Hills attorney (government immunity, civil rights and auto negligence)

"We blessed the day we came to your office... a bitter dispute actually brought us closer together... we initially could not be in one room... we left together."
- Letter from participant (church property dispute)

“Thank you for your effort and assistance at the Facilitation. You did a fine job in assisting in getting the matter resolved.”
- Brighton attorney (nursing home accident)

"When you're the mediator the most dificult cases are resolved."
- Letter from Oakland County Judge

" client and I wanted to thank you for all of your efforts over such a long period of time. I am sure this has been an unusual matter to have lasted so long. We all appreciate your efforts rather than simply giving up after the first meeting was not entirely successful."
- Oakland County attorney (settlement of condominium/contractor dispute)